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Why Klikin
How it works
Communicate with your customers
Automatic marketing
Protect your branding and your customers
POS app
White label app

A complete customer management platform integrated with white label apps

Interact with your customers through your own apps powered by Klikin. Manage analytics, promotions, loyalty program and many other features with the most powerful customer management system.

Allow your customers to book a table or reserve a service directly through your own app. Our dashboard informs you in real time, as well as via email or push notification. Or you can install our software in your POS machine which will receive notifications and print out the ticket directly through your printer.
If you want customers to make orders, you will be able to confirm or cancel from the dashboard app. Allow your customers to make delivery orders (if you have your own drivers or hire a delivery service), take-away orders (ideal for business areas or fast food restaurants) or on-site orders directly on your app.
Like in cases of bookings and reservations, you will receive a notification to your dashboard or a ticket coming out of your printer if you have our POS app installed.
Are you paying credit card fees to your bank? We don’t charge bank fees for the first £1000 in our Advanced plan.
Clients have two payment options within your app: Direct payment or QR payment. In case of direct payment, clients just enter the amount to be paid on their phone, which will then be confirmed through the dashboard or the POS app. And in case of QR payment, you can generate a QR code with the dashboard or the POS, which your clients scan with their phones. This QR code will also give points to your clients for your loyalty program so they will be motivated to visit you more frequently.
Establish a direct communication channel with your customers. You can send push notifications or emails with your phone. Let your clients know about important events (Happy hour, closed for vacation, etc) or promotions to drive more customers to your business during off-peak times.
Keep track of how many clients have visited you and which ones have done so more frequently. Klikin allows you to communicate with those that haven’t been back, in order to increase sales.
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