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Why Klikin
How it works
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Increase your sales by driving more customers to your business

Design your campaigns to increase your sales. Drive clients to your shops during off-peak times. Increase your clients’ average spending. Promotions with positive ROI.

Klikin brings you the opportunity to create your own promotional schemes with your own apps just like big chains do but at a fraction of the cost (£99.90 setup fee and £49.90 per month). Decide how and when to make campaigns according to on your business’ needs. Klikin offers manual or automatic campaigns so that you don’t have spend so much time to stay on top of everything. We know when a customer stopped coming back, when is his or her birthday, and when a customer has enough points to redeem a reward. Let Klikin do the job so you can focus on serving your customers!
Klikin helps you keep your client’s data and establish a loyalty scheme to make customers revisit more frequently by up to 20%). Now, what if your store is empty and you need clients right away? It’s time to use the promotions module to invite your customers in and have a happy hour or an exclusive discount. Klikin allows you to easily send messages to your clients (all or selectively). You can send an email, a push notification or an SMS, in order to reach all your customers whether they have your app or not. Depending on the Klikin plan you subscribes to, you will have different numbers of SMS messages and emails already included in your plan.
One of Klikin’s main targets is to increase your profits. We designed the “check-in” promotion which has a positive ROI. Here is an example: when you have a bunch of product about to perish and you don’t want to throw them away. It’s the perfect time to sell those products at a lower price and if all your customers know about it, you can be sure you will not have to dispose them. A typical example for beauty centres is to try and sell a shampoo or a hair conditioner while your client is having a hair treatment. These are promotions that will increase the average spending and always with a positive return (ROI). We encourage our clients to make this kind of promotions based on our previous experience.
We’ve always said it and always will: whoever has a client has a treasure. Our mission as a company that delivers a CLM (Customer Loyalty Management) is to retain every single customer you have. For that reason, we have designed automatic campaigns for those clients that haven’t visited you for weeks or even months (we call these “We miss you” and “Reactivation” campaigns). Many studies show that good campaigns are key to re-engage up to 50% of lost clients, and those clients represent half of your visits!
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