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Complete ordering and customer management platform integrated with white label app

Capture and control customers coming from third-party sites. Stop paying big commissions again and again for the same customers and no long being forced into massive discounts.

Allow your customers to order directly through your own app. We will let you know instantly about every order via emails, push notifications to our dashboard app, and, if you have our software installed on your POS machine, the printer will print a receipt with the order’s details.
If you receive customers from third-party sites, and the likes, you shall stop paying over and over again for the same customers, and no long be forced into massive discounts. Klikin brings you the technology to capture all those customers and build into your own database so that you don’t have to be dependent on third party platform. Klikin’s customer management platform includes an automatic campaign module from which you will be able to encourage your customers to make orders directly on your own app in the future.
Klikin supports three different kinds of orders:
  • Delivery,, whether you have your own drivers or we can integrate with one of the delivery service providers.
  • Take-aways, which are ideal for business districts where clients make an order and choose a time to pick it up.
  • On site, which helps your clients to avoid queues (same system as in MCDonald’s) or for large areas such as terraces.
Improve your clients’ experience by accepting mobile payments which are perfect for weekdays in which you both want a faster service.
Klikin includes mobile payments in your own app. Customers can pay either by directly inserting the amount or scanning the QR code printed on the receipt thanks to our POS software. Both ways will allow them to earn reward points if you activate the loyalty program module. It’s the best way to guarantee that those clients don’t go through an external third-party site, but instead go directly to you for a new booking or order.
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