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Plataforma email marketing

Campaigns with segmentation of audience and analysis of returns

Marketing is more than just sending your customers emails. It is also about measuring the campaign performance and delivering more effective messages. With Marketing Automatic technology developed by Klikin, you will save time from editing and managing campaigns, while always keeping in touch with your customers in a timely fashion. In addition, your campaigns depend on your business and the audience of your campaigns will be reached through different channels, not only via emails but also by push notifications to their phones and SMS messages.
Configuration: Our CLM includes the Marketing Automation module which just needs to be configured once and will run automatically. In the configuration, we have already installed for you some custom templates with your own branding, which are the best practices for you to start with.
Consulting: We are here to help in the creation of content for your campaigns. Designing the right templates and setting the messaging will bring more customers for your shop. You can save templates to the platform and program mailing without added cost or time!
Measurement: Monitoring and analysing results of your campaign easily on your phone and based your decision-making on the data. You can have a clear view on how many people were engaged in the campaigns (opened and clicked) and go in to a specific segment of your customers by filtering by age, gender, and other metrics. You will make the most out of your database.
Targeted and personalized campaigns: Take actions any time or date you’d like to reactivate the dormant customers and encourage them to return. In our Marketing Automation module, we conduct such campaigns automatically when, for example, a new customer comes in for the first time, when it’s someone’s birthday, when it’s a special anniversary or a special day, or when an old customers haven’t returned for a long time, etc.
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