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Why Klikin
How it works
Communicate with your customers
Automatic marketing
Protect your branding and your customers
POS app
White label app

The most comprehensive customer management platform integrated with a white label app

Your customers will earn points and come back more frequently.
Forget about stamp cards and cut expenses on them. Communicate and interact digitally with your customers

Klikin brings you the opportunity to build your own customized loyalty program, integrated with your own apps, just like big chains do but at a fraction of the price (£99.90 + VAT setup fee and from £49.90 + VAT per month). Your customers will earn points for every purchase and then exchange for special rewards or discounts. A business with a loyalty scheme increases its sales by up to 20% due to returning customers. Highly suitable for areas with lots of local shops. Be different!
No longer waste money on paper or plastic loyalty cards, which easily get lost. It’s time to reward your customers easily with Klikin. We provide you the following services: A while label app with your own logo and branding, a dashboard app for you to keep track of your business (from which you can give out points to your customers), and a POS software that prints QR codes which customers just scan to gain points which is incredibly handy when your store is full.
Making a customer happy is the first step to a “long friendship”. Your customers accumulate points which will then be exchanged for rewards. This keeps them coming back more frequently. Send customized yet automated campaigns and receive orders, bookings and payments. Every single transaction is integrated to make rewards with points and everything is shown with details in the dashboard app for you to keep track of your customers, campaign reports, reward redemptions, etc.
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