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Why Klikin
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A complete customer management platform

Capture traffic and nurture your own loyalty club. Know your customers and grow your sales by interacting with them.

When you have a customer, you have a treasure..
Aren’t you interested in knowing your customers better? What’s their favourite food? Did they come thanks to a promotion? Have they received a service previously? How much they spend on average? Knowing your customers is the first step for bringing them back.
Take back control of your customers with your own CLM (Customer Loyalty Management) solution. Klikin platform helps you stop paying over and over again to the big booking/ordering websites for the same customers coming through the door. Moreover, we help you drive your existing customers back to your business more frequently. You can communicate more efficiently with your customers and save money from the obsolete loyalty paper cards. Sending an email, push notification or SMS message to any or all your database, your announcements will always reach their audience in a timely fashion!
Increase the average spending and client visits with Klikin’s customer management platform. There are three main ways to achieve this and increase your sales by more than 20%. The first one is through loyalty program which gives your customers the opportunity to accumulate points that will then be exchanged for rewards and discounts. The second one is by promotions. The third one is via our marketing module, which can send both automatic campaigns with any promotions or info you want to share with your clients (birthday, every “x” number of visits, every “x” amount of days without visiting…) and manual campaigns targeting specific customers with whom you want to share something.
Boost your sales with the booking/reservation, order and payment modules in your app. Making transactions easy for your customers has huge benefits. If they find booking with you easy and effortless, if they can order delivery or take-away or if they can pay with their phones, they’ll visit you more often.
Nowadays, customer communication is based on mobile. Being able to make a reservation or booking, order food or pay, all through the same app is something we will be seeing everywhere in no time.
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