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Why Klikin
How it works
Communicate with your customers
Automatic marketing
Protect your branding and your customers
POS app
White label app

Management platform with your own branding

Don’t trust something as valuable as your brand and your customers to third parties.

White label app: We create your own app with your logo and colours, just like the apps belonged to big chain stores, but at a fraction of the price.
Klikin brings you one of the most advanced customer management apps in the world, and at an affordable price (£49.90+VAT per month and £99.90+VAT setup fee). Forget about investing a large sum into building your app from scratch. Most of the times they are poorly built and under-maintained (for example when iPhone and Android roll out new system versions), which end up bringing you more problems than solutions.
Protect your brand: We care about your online visibility, which is why we protect your company’s image online to make sure no one uses it without your permission. Ask us about campaigns to generate more visits to your website, the bookings/reservations web widget, and your Google my Business profile.
Control your customers: It is highly recommended that you save a customer’s data once he and she made the first transaction at your business. Our complete CLM system helps you with this, and does much more.
Protect your customers: Your customers’ data is your biggest asset and that’s why we want you to be the one who owns it (Klikin does not have ownership over your customers’ data, unlike most of other third parties out there). This means you will be in full control of your client’s data, while we help you with the compliance with the personal data protection.
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