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Why Klikin
How it works
Communicate with your customers
Automatic marketing
Protect your branding and your customers
POS app
White label app
Introducing Klikin, the leading CLM (Customer Loyalty Management) solution

Why Klikin
Everything you need to manage your clients and build customer loyalty
Bring more visits
Do you know that 50-60% of customers never return? We help you bring them back and increase number of visits to your location by up to 50%.
Higher average spending
Do you know that loyal customers spend more on average? By boosting your customer loyalty, we raise the average spending by up to 25%.
Own your customers
We caputure the traffice from 3rd party booking and ordering platforms, so that you don't have to keep paying these platforms for your own customers.
Promote your app
In today's mobile age, every business needs an app. We create white-label apps for your business, through which your customers can easily book, order, and pay.
Understand your customers
We analyze all your transactions and present you the analytics in real time through a merchant control panel.
We do the work
Let our Marekting Automation technology launch campaigns for each user automatically according to his/her behavior. You just need to focus on what you do the best: the day-to-day of your business.
How it works

Set up your CLM according to your business' needs

We create your own white label apps with your content and branding. And we set up your own booking, ordering, payment and loyalty systems. During the entire process, our specialist in Custoemr Loyalty Management will be with you all time to provide real-time assistance.

Publish your apps on GooglePlay and AppStore

You just focus on promoting your own apps to your customers while we take care of the rest! We will handle the tedious processes of publishing your apps on GooglePlay and AppStore, and continously maintain and update the apps for you. If needed, we also help you file necessary paperworks with the personal data administration of the government.

Automate your marketing campaigns to build customer loyalty with little efforts

The loyalty of your customers is the most crucial factor impacting your business. While you focus on serving your custoemrs, our system monitors each of your customer's activity and send them campaigns autoamtically at the right moments, whether it's their birthday or someone hasn't come back in a while.

Increase sales further by manual campaigns

Besides running automatic campaigns to help you raise customer loyalty, we also help you to send communications of your choice to further attract customers and increase sales. Whether it's a new menu or a special events on weekend, our all-round marketing channels always help you get your messages across.

Obtain results and insights on your performance

We have a long experience working with brick-and-mortar businesseses like yours. Our solution constantnly delivers 25%+ increase on sales. You can learn and monitor such results from Klikin system any time. We also provide you periodically reports on the performance of your business, with insights on what to improve.
  • Central database
    Centralise your own customer database, whether it’s old customers from your excel sheet, or new customers walking through the door.
  • Connector
    Klikin helps you capture customers coming from 3rd party platforms and incorporate them into your own database.
  • Loyalty
    Create your loyalty program and use rewards to encourage customers to come back more. 20% of loyal customers can contribute 80% of revenues.
  • Promotions
    Klikin allows you to run promotions that suit your needs, whether is to attract new customers, promote a new product, or celebrate a holiday.
  • Surveys
    Gather customer feedbacks to improve your services and products. Klikin conducts customer surveys for you and helps you improve your TripAdvisor rating.
  • White label apps
    Today’s customers are going fully mobile. We create your apps with your name and branding, so that your customers can book, order and pay on their phones.
  • Email campaigns
    Send elegant emails to your customers directly from the Klikin platform, whether to make an announcement or promote your business.
  • Push messages
    The best way to inform your customers in real time is to send a quick and simple push notification to your customers who have installed your apps.
  • Text messages
    Easily create and send text messages to your customers via the Klikin platform. Your customers can even make a booking simply via SMS.
  • Welcome new customer (automatic)
    When you register a new customer in the system, Klikin automatically sends a warm greeting on your behalf. Make your customers feel welcomes without efforts.
  • Birthday campaigns (automatic)
    On the birthdays of your customers, Klikin sends your best wishes automatically on your behalf to make sure your customers know that you have them in mind.
  • Come-back campaigns (automatic)
    When a customer stops returning to your business, Klikin automatically pushes friendly reminders to help you retain a customer.
  • Mobile payments
    Embrace mobile payment and enable your customers to pay directly with their smartphones. We take care of all complexities and send money straight to your bank.
  • Book a table
    Seamlessly run your own booking system with Klikin and allow your customers to book a table via your app or website. Avoid paying high commissions to big booking platforms.
  • Book a service
    Klikin provides a booking system for health and beauty industry. Your customers can book a service with a specific staff member via your own app.
  • Order for delivery
    Enable your customers to order food through your apps, and receive the orders on your phone and POS machine. Stop paying high commissions to ordering platforms.
  • Order for pickup
    We allow your customers to order food or products via your apps and specify the time for pickup. Gather orders and be ready in advance.
  • Order onsite
    Make the ordering experience better by allowing your customers to complete the orders directly from their mobile phones while sitting at their table.
  • Dashboard app
    Monitor your business status, view your customer records, send quick announcements, and more, directly on your mobile phone.
  • Real-time data
    Klikin helps you know the performance of your business in real time by visualizing key metrics.
  • Customers report
    Understand your customers by examining their age, gender, geography profiles, and how often they come, how much they spend, etc.
  • Booking report
    Stay on top of the bookings done through your own apps and 3rd party systems. Optimizing your profits by converting traffics into loyal customers.
  • Ordering report
    Dive into the ordering reports to better understand your customers’ preferences of products and timing of orders.
  • Payment report
    Take full control of payments done through your apps and stay ahead of the game in the future of payment.
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Thousands of customers around the world are trusting on us, from household names like McDonald's to single-location family-run shops. Our CLM solution has been continuously boosting customer loyalty and increasing sales for our customers.
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